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Petition: End Youth Homelessness in NYC!

The Governor has presented his budget and has failed to include vital funding for homeless youth. Please send a letter using this petition! Read George Hermann’s response to the Governor’s budget.
Read why homeless youth, and LGBTQ homeless youth in New York City need your help now!
Rabbi Kleinbaum’s piece on the Huffington Post is up.




“..we simply cannot fail our children”
- Andrew Cuomo, Annual State of the State Address, January 4, 2012

3,800 youth, ages 13 to 24, live on our streets every night, according to a study released by the New York City Council in 2008. Of that 3,800 homeless youth, a disproportionate number – as high as 40 percent – identify as LGBT or questioning. The number one reason cited for LGBT youth homelessness is family rejection.

Every young person deserves to be provided with safe shelter. Youth should not be thrown out of their homes, nor should they be left out on the street. 62 percent of LGBT homeless youth have considered or attempted suicide, and many are at elevated risk for HIV infection and hate violence.

Combined city and state funding provides for only 250 shelter beds designated for homeless youth. Last year, state funding for youth homeless services was cut by 50 percent.

In a time when the need has never been greater, each shelter bed is a priceless commodity that can mean one more night of safety and warmth for a homeless youth. Though current economic conditions have required some difficult fiscal decisions, we anticipate that an appropriate response to this growing crisis will be reflected in the Fiscal 2013 New York State Budget.

I, alongside of the leaders, supporters, and organizations of New York City’s faith community, call upon Governor Cuomo and the New York State Legislature to restore the level of funding for Runaway and Homeless Youth services to it’s previous level of $4.7 million, with at least $2.25 million of that amount to be allocated to youth shelters in New York City where the need is the greatest.

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