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Our Mission

The mission of Shelter of Peace is to create a network of faith based organizations, their leaders, lay leaders and congregants, ready to step up, speak up and show up in Albany and NYC to demand that our government take responsibility and provide a bed in a safe place for every homeless youth in New York State.

NYC RHY budget is Fully Baselined for the first time!!!

Thank you Councilman Fidler, Speaker Quinn and Mayor Bloomberg and all the Clergy of New York who are Shelter of Peace members. Thanks to our continuous advocacy on behalf of homeless youth next years funding doesn’t need to be a battle for us to fight. We can take our energy, resolve and experience to find [...]

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Catholic Church’s Challenges Reflected in City’s Diverse Parishes

Re-Posted from WNYC News: At the Church of St. Francis Xavier Jesuit parish on West 16th Street in Chelsea, all the masses are in English. The church has with a reputation for being left of center. On the same Wednesday the Vatican announced a new Pope, the church’s pastor, Father Joseph Costantino, asked the organist [...]

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Gay Marriage Manifesto by Reverend Melvin Miller

Blog written by Reverend Melvin Miller of the Fort Washington Collegiate Church: While many debate the issue of same-sex marriage as if it is a religious issue, I contend that more than a religious issue, it is a democratic issue. History has never stayed on the side of oppression and discrimination. Somewhere in the bowels [...]

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A New Paradigm for Pro-Queer Faith Communities

Post by John Russell Stanger (previously posted in Huff Post Religion) In my work as a faith organizer at Presbyterian Welcome, I am often asked how congregations can be more welcoming of queer people. This question, born of a desire to create safer spaces for queer youth and adults, can never be answered simply. The [...]

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Another Advocacy Day in Albany by RoseAnn Hermann

Meet the bus early. Greet old and new friends joining the efforts to advocate for our homeless kids. Catch up on the details, making sure we are all on the same page. Yes, we are asking for $4 million to replace and exceed the 2008 level of funding that Governor Cuomo has since slashed by [...]

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Remembering Gordon I. Herzog

  Re-Posted from Other Sheep: A tribute to Gordon I. Herzog who served as a board member with Other Sheep from its inception in 1992 until his passing, January 29, 2013. By Rev. Stephen Parelli Other Sheep Executive Director January 29, 2013 Bronx, New York We were sitting at a restaurant table, Rev. Thomas Hank [...]

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The Ali Forney Center (AFC) – the nation’s largest services and advocacy organization working on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) runaway and homeless youth – is excited to announce that it has received a grant from the Roger I. and Ruth B. MacFarlane Foundation. The grant will go to fund a [...]

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Presbyterian Congregations Launch LBGTQ Program

A community of Presbyterian congregations and individuals has launched Presbyterian Welcome, an initiative to foster inclusion and engagement of LGBTQ people of faith within the Presbyterian Church. Presbyterian Welcome’s mission statement reads: “Presbyterian Welcome works for the full participation of individuals in contexts of faith, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. As followers [...]

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New Homeless and Runaway Youth Count for 2013

The New York City Department of Youth and Community Development is conducting a count of homeless, runaway and unaccompanied youth at various locations throughout New York City on the night of January 28th.  Please share this information and help get the word out – we need to be armed with accurate and current information on [...]

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Martin Luther King’s Legacy By James Fackrell

Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Day shouldn’t just be a Holiday, but the chance to celebrate his life and legacy. MLK believed that “the bright daylight of peace and brotherhood can become a reality and that there is hope for a brighter tomorrow.” Keeping his spirit alive that can inspire all of us each and [...]

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